After more than 30 years of gathering data, refining treatments, and spearheading non-profit “The Foundation for Airway Health,” Michael Gelb, DDS, MS, of The Gelb Center, and Howard Hindin, DDS, of The Hindin Center release a book. Entitled GASP!: Airway Health – The Hidden Path To Wellness, the book explains how children and adults alike can overcome modern chronic health issues, function and performance issues, including heart, diabetes, pain, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, obesity, dementia, and more, often without medication or surgery.

Today’s movement to precision medicine looks at individuals as unique, and requiring custom treatment plans to provide optimal care. Gelb and Hindin explore how and why our psychological wellbeing and modern desires for certain aesthetics have not evolved in tandem with our physiology needs. In GASP, their findings and treatments are revealed through the AirwayCentric System.

GASP looks at airway health, how we breathe and how hard we work for the oxygen we receive. Airway health is unique to all and has been grossly and obviously overlooked, the authors say, until now. In GASP, Gelb and Hindin share their experiences treating and curing thousands of children and adults who suffer from airway-centered disorders and various associated health problems, without medication.

If a child is not breathing correctly, the results tend to be poor sleep, mouth breathing, which negatively affects aesthetic facial structure and development, a predisposition for ADD/ADHD, social anxiety, childhood obesity, and more. In adults, compromised airway health can result in premature aging, stress, anxiety, social phobias, depression, lack of concentration, obesity, lethargy, sleep apnea, chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as the chronic health problems that are rising to epidemic levels. Heart disease, diabetes, and even dementia and cancer can have an airway factor.

Thankfully, the mental and physical illnesses resulting from airway-centered disorders can be cured, reversed, and prevented, the authors say. GASP educates the public on the treatments available. “I am proud to bring GASP to the world,” says Gelb in a release. “We are having a public health crisis with too many children and adults taking pills for anything and everything that ails them. The human body is remarkable and can heal itself without medication. Airway health is a game changer.”

A portion of each sale will be donated to the Foundation for Airway Health, a 501C-3, nonprofit, helping the public realize their maximum potential by championing the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of airway related disorders through collaboration, awareness, research, education and access to care.