Sleep solutions provider Somnology announced a partnership with Clarigent Health to integrate Clairity mental health technology into its Sleep Lab as a Service (SLaaS) platform. 

Sleep disorders and mental health are intertwined in a bidirectional relationship, where disturbances in one can adversely affect the other. Recognizing this connection, Somnology has chosen to enhance its SLaaS platform with Clarigent Health’s mental health technology.

“Adding this pioneering mental health technology to our platform will fill a necessary need for our clients. We are committed to offering comprehensive solutions that address both sleep disorders and mental health issues,” says Melissa Lim, MD, CEO and chief medical officer of Somnology, in a release.

The SLaaS platform, which provides detailed insights and user-friendly dashboards, guides patients through every step of their journey to better sleep. From monitoring to ongoing telehealth management, the platform transforms sleep data into practical steps and solutions, aiming to help individuals achieve the restful sleep they deserve.

Clarigent Health’s algorithms leverage the power of speech analysis to identify patients at risk of suicide and other mental health concerns. The integration of Clairity into the Somnology platform aims to provide mental health professionals with an objective metric, complementing patient-reported assessments and clinical impressions, thereby empowering informed clinical decisions.

“We are honored that the Somnology team has chosen our technology as the mental health enhancement to their platform. Somnology is the clear leader in this space, and enhancing this wonderful platform with our technology will bring immediate mental health assistance to their clients,” says Don Wright, CEO of Clarigent Health, in a release. 

The combined Somnology-Clarigent Health platform is set to be available later this quarter.

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