Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC’s latest series of deals focuses on leveraging advances in science and technology to address areas of high unmet medical need, including harnessing the microbiome to treat sleep disorders.

Paul Stoffels, MD, executive vice president and chief scientific officer, Johnson & Johnson, says in a release, “By advancing transformative healthcare innovations together with entrepreneurs, academic centers, and institutions, we are one step closer to addressing many pressing global healthcare challenges.”

Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc, and Janssen Research & Development LLC have established an exclusive research collaboration with Holobiome Corporation, a developer of microbiome therapeutics, to treat diseases of the central and enteric nervous systems. The collaboration will examine a consortium of bacteria that could be used to create a differentiated probiotic or over-the-counter offering that addresses sleeplessness. In addition to sleep disorders, these bacteria may also be used in the treatment of other potential conditions.