Nearly half of Americans (46%) report suffering from seasonal and environmental allergies, yet less than 15% utilize the remedies most recommended by experts that could bring year-round relief, finds a consumer survey by allergen barrier bedding company AllerEase.

At least one-third (33%) of allergy sufferers said they think their sleep is being compromised due to symptoms, and another third (33%) report being congested upon waking or during the day. Of those who attempt to minimize allergy symptoms, 13% report washing their bedding frequently and less than one in 10 people (9%) report using allergen barrier protective bedding.

“The body sheds millions of skin cells every day, many of them in bed—the ideal environment for dust mites,” says Tracie Oechslein, brand manager at AllerEase, in a release. “Dusting, vacuuming, and washing bedding frequently, along with using allergen barrier mattress and pillow protectors, can offer relief and better sleep.”

Roughly seven in 10 Americans (69%) report that their mattress is at least 4 years old or that they don’t know the age of their mattress. The survey found younger Americans wash or change bedding less frequently, with those ages 18 to 34 reporting typically washing or changing bedding once or twice a month as opposed to the recommendation of weekly.

This was a one-time survey fielded to the general population in the United States on January 29, 2015 via Google Consumer Surveys publisher network on behalf of AllerEase and American Textile Company, receiving at least 1,040 responses.