Informatics company Prometheus Research will build a sleep research registry as part of a large-scale Stanford University study designed to develop and disseminate essential tools and data to the scientific community to advance the field of sleep medicine. Prometheus will build an extensible registry to address the underrepresentation of genetic research in sleep disorders.

The Stanford Technology Analytics and Genomics in Sleep (STAGES) study will explore sleep through genetics and technology in a large-scale patient-oriented study collecting objective and subjective sleep data, and biological samples from 30,000 patients at more than 10 different sleep clinic sites. Building a sleep study as ambitious as Stanford’s STAGES project requires joining highly disparate data from multiple sources and modalities—including third-party research data, genetic information, images, and sensor output. The multi-center study is directed by Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford Medicine.

“We’re excited to work with Dr Mignot and his team on this multidisciplinary and collaborative research,” says Leon Rozenblit, founder and CEO of Prometheus, in a release. “Our research informatics expertise and research data management experience with complex, multi-modal data acquisition makes Prometheus a great fit for the Stanford STAGES study.”