Yahoo News gives a roundup of the most popular sleep training strategies for new parents.

Backed by renowned infant sleep expert Dr. Harvey Karp, the wake-and-sleep method is a gentle way to get your little one acclimated. According to Dr. Karp’s website, after swaddling, burping, and feeding your child, turn on a white noise machine and let baby fall asleep in your arms. Gently put the infant in their crib and “rouse her until her eyes open” by touching their neck or tickling their toes.

Make sure they open their eyes for a few moments before they drifts off to sleep again. “I know it sounds crazy, but those few seconds of drowsy waking are the first baby steps to helping your infant learn how to sleep through the night!,” said Dr. Karp. And if your child fusses, it’s OK to wake them up or feed them again, just be sure to keep it brief.

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