A writer for Wirecutter tested out the ChiliPad, a mattress pad that promises to keep people cool at night.

The ChiliPad, described as a “reversible hydro-powered mattress pad,” at least seemed designed to distribute its temperature settings more evenly, with a system featuring two parts: a machine-washable mattress pad that encases silicone tubing filled with water, and a separate control unit that circulates the water and regulates its temperature. ChiliSleep, the company that sells the ChiliPad and the Cube system, makes another system, the Ooler, which is essentially a ChiliPad with extras, such as an app that allows you to precool the bed. All of these systems are expensive, with the ChiliPad starting at $700 for a single-person mat that covers only half of a queen-size bed.

The ChiliPad lies flat beneath your fitted sheet, and it’s reversible, with a mesh side designed for cooler sleep and a cotton-polyester blend on the other side for those (like me) who prefer a warmer bed. Sleep as you normally would with a blanket, and the pad promises to keep the temperature around your body consistent for the night. A remote control allows you to adjust the temperature—anywhere between 55 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit—from bed. 

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