SleepPath makes a t-shirt for sufferers of positional snoring. It holds two tennis balls on the person’s back to keep them from sleeping on their back. In an effort to invoke humor to gain public awareness, SleepPath recently released the following video (also available on its YouTube channel) “Snoring Your Best Pick Up Lines.”

Does it catch your attention?

“Snoring really is a serious health concern and it is important that consumers understand the symptoms, the risks, and some of the resources available to reduce snoring,” says Nick Carlone, SleepPath president, in a release. “We created a fun video to demonstrate how our snoring affects our appeal to others. In the video story, we offer just one of the simple solutions available for people who suffer from snoring.

“We hope the fun nature of the video will help create buzz around a serious health concern,” says Carlone. “The more we share the message, the more people will seek information and solutions to stop their snoring.”