In Nodding Off: The Science of Sleep from Cradle to Grave, sleep researcher Alice Gregory, PhD, explores every aspect of sleep, from the different stages of sleep and how our sleeping patterns change throughout our lives, to what happens when things go wrong and getting some shut-eye becomes more of a trial than a pleasure.

In Nodding Off, Gregory tackles questions such as:

  • How do things that happen before we are even born affect our sleep?
  • What sleep problems should raise a red flag in children?
  • How do genes influence the way we sleep?
  • What are the consequences of sleep problems in the elderly?
  • Why are scientists turning to sleep disorders such as sleep paralysis to try to understand paranormal experiences?

Gregory also provides solutions to some of the common sleep problems that people suffer throughout their lives.

Gregory has been researching sleep for more than a decade and has published more than 100 articles on this and associated topics. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Oxford, her PhD at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, and is currently a Reader at Goldsmiths, University of London.