Rolling Stone magazine reports on some of the technological advances that pillows have seen in the past decade.

While old pillows would become a pancake in a few weeks, the best new pillows feature advanced supportive fillings that use memory foam and anti-clumping technology. Pillow covers have also been updated for a softer feel and with the ability to stay cool through the night.

These updates can have a big impact on how you feel during the day, by helping neck issues and allowing you to get more effective sleep — even if you can’t get in the recommended seven hours.

Most high-quality pillows use either shredded memory foam, solid memory foam, or a mix of shredded memory foam and polyester fiber. Solid memory foam is the orthopedic choice for fixing real neck issues, but they might be less comfortable for the average sleeper. And while down is still a popular choice, some new pillows also use a modernized down filling (or vegan alternative) that’s just as soft and supportive.

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