MetroNaps, a provider of workplace rest facilities such as “nap pods”, has entered into a new partnership with Pzizz, developers of iOS and Android apps that use a patented algorithm to produce a sleep audio solution. Pzizz’s guided relaxation tracks for napping will be installed as an additional feature on all EnergyPods shipped from July 1.

“We’re incredibly excited to work with MetroNaps to bring great sleep to the world,” says Rockwell Shah, CEO of Pzizz, in a release. “Whether it’s at home, work or somewhere in between, our collaboration will make refreshing rest even more accessible.”

With more than 250,000 users, Pzizz combines neuro-linguistic programming, calming music, sound effects, and “brainwaves” to help optimize sleep. The content of the tracks adjust for the duration of the rest session selected, and a male voice guides the user into a state of relaxation, as well as helping with revival.

This makes Pzizz a perfect partner for MetroNaps, maker of EnergyPod, a chair designed for napping in the workplace. EnergyPods are used by organizations like Google, Huffington Post, Zappos, PWC, Randstad, Mercedes, NASA, Virgin Active, and the University of Miami. The MetroNaps-Pzizz collaboration was recently marked with the installation of the first EnergyPod featuring the new Pzizz tracks at the Wayra incubator space in London where Pzizz has office space.

“Pzizz has had a popular and proven technology for years,” says MetroNaps CEO Christopher Lindholst. “We are pleased to be able to bring Pzizz’s fantastic solution to our thousands of users.”