The awards recognized the company’s advancements in business development and sleep-enhancing products.

Summary: Sleepm Global Inc, a company specializing in technology-driven sleep-enhancing products such as biocrystal mattresses, has been awarded eight honors at the 2024 TITAN Business Awards. The awards, hosted by the International Awards Associate, celebrated the company’s achievements in business development and innovation among a competitive field of 1,500 entries from 57 countries.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognition for Achievements: Sleepm Global Inc received eight awards, highlighting its advancements in business development and sleep-enhancing products.
  • Innovative Technologies: Central to the company’s success is its biocrystal technology, designed to improve sleep quality through low-frequency energy waves, and temperature-adjusting crystal blankets.
  • Global Competition: The TITAN Business Awards featured 1,500 nominations from 57 countries.

Sleepm Global Inc—a maker of technology-driven products designed to enhance sleep quality, including a biocrystal mattress—has been recognized with eight awards in the first season of the 2024 TITAN Business Awards

Hosted by the International Awards Associate, the TITAN Business Awards was established to celebrate the accomplishments of entrepreneurs and organizations on a global scale. The program included 1,500 nominated entries received across 57 countries, including contenders from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines, India, Canada, Singapore, Germany, China, Denmark, and more. 

Sleepm received the following awards:

  • Achievement in International Expansion
  • Achievement in Growth
  • Business Development – Branding, Advertising & Marketing
  • Company & Organization – Fastest-Growing Company of the Year
  • Company & Organization – Most Innovative Company of the Year
  • Company & Organization – Health Products & Services
  • Company & Organization – Technical Innovation of the Year
  • Business Development – Manufacturing

“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the team at Sleepm Global Inc and applaud them for their outstanding work,” says Thomas Brandt, a spokesperson of International Awards Associate, in a release. “Their achievements not only inspire others but also propel industries towards a brighter future, setting a standard for excellence that others aspire to achieve.”

Technologies Enhance Sleep Quality and Insights

Central to Sleepm’s line-up is its biocrystal technology, which combines biotechnology and materials science to emit low-frequency energy waves, designed to enhance sleep stages and overall sleep efficiency. Additionally, the company’s temperature-adjusting crystal blankets automatically adapt to the user’s body condition and heating preferences.

Sleepm Global Inc has expanded its offerings to include advanced sleep technology applications that provide users with insights into their sleep patterns. These features include sleep tracking with intelligent analytics and a sleep assistance application offering sleep tips, relaxation exercises, and sleep-inducing music, all aimed at improving sleep onset and quality.

Photo caption: Sleepm mattress

Photo credit: Sleepm Global Inc