New research reveals although 80% of physically active adults say they desire 8 or more hours of sleep per night, only 41% percent actually get it. Commissioned by Nodical Bed, the recent study explored sleep patterns and attitudes among adults who self-identify as highly health conscious and regularly engage in activities such as running, cycling, and exercise.

Along with exercise and eating well, the vast majority of respondents agreed that sleep is important to their overall health (94%). In spite of overwhelming sentiment that getting a good night’s sleep is a priority, over half (53%) still find deep restorative sleep elusive. Nearly two thirds (74%) report a desire to get more “quality sleep,” even if they currently sleep 8 hours or more, on average.

Respondents reported significant sleep improvements after switching from their innerspring mattress to the Nodical Restore, a therapeutic memory foam mattress designed to specifically address muscle recovery, the company said.