Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Inc, Laguna Hills, Calif, introduces the new FlexiFit™ 432, the company’s second-generation full-face mask. The mask now incorporates a soft foam cushion that combines with the contoured silicone seal to provide an even better seal and more comfortable fit. FlexiFit technology has been incorporated into the contoured silicone seal to allow a large range of nasal bridge movement and simple one-step auto adjustment fitting. The unique Glider™ Strap provides freedom of movement while maintaining a seal. The crown strap and under chin design provide extra stability and maintain a fit even with jaw movement. The Easy-Release Strap allows simple removal of the mask, and the “Fit and Forget” Headgear ensures no ongoing adjustments are required. (800) 446-3908;

Invacare Corp, Elyria, Ohio, introduces the Invacare® Polaris™ TR CPAP. The Polaris TR CPAP, named for the True Rest it gives patients, has a small size and portable battery module. The optional CPAP system battery and mobile power adapter afford patients the flexibility and mobility to lead an active lifestyle and be able to use their CPAP system wherever and whenever they need it. In addition, this sleek, compact modular unit offers the features health care providers expect in today’s busy environment: pressure from 4 to 20 cm H20, integrated heated humidifier, patient-adjustable ramp, automatic altitude adjustment, international power supply, compliance meter, simple setup, and more. The Polaris TR also features an AEIOMed downloadable compliance technology called DataRest. (800) 333-6900;

The new 7600 Vmask is an oro-nasal (full-face) CPAP/bilevel mask from Hans Rudolph Inc (HRI), Kansas City, Mo, which can be tightened or loosened in the middle of the night without affecting the integrity of the leak-free seal because there is no hard frame or thin seal. All five sizes of the mask are made of a single piece of soft silicone and are dishwasher safe. The product now also comes with HRI’s Sensa Seal button-on accessory. According to HRI, great fits, durability, and low dealer price have made the 7600 Vmask the top choice of sleep laboratories, physicians, patients, and equipment providers. The company also introduces its “Just Try One On” sleep laboratory program, which places a set of masks in the hands of respiratory therapists, sleep techs, and pulmonologists. (800) 456-6695;

Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, announces the release of the BiPAP® M Series with the Bi-Flex® product line, which includes the state-of-the-art BiPAP Auto M Series and the BiPAP Plus M Series sleep therapy devices. Developed as an alternative for patients who have difficulty complying with CPAP devices, BiPAP devices continue to be reliable, comfortable choices for adults who have OSA. (800) 345-6443;

The LYRA Interface from VIASYS Healthcare Inc, Yorba Linda, Calif, delivers new levels of patient fit, comfort, and quiet operation. The SecureFit Headgear provides increased stability for a comfortable nasal CPAP therapy experience. The LYRA Interface design moves the supply tubing away from the patient’s ears, eliminating the sound of rushing air. Each LYRA Interface includes the CustomOne Fit Kit, with four different-sized nasal inserts, eliminating the need to stock multiple sizes. Additionally, the kit includes a sizing guide and the SecureFit Headgear. (800) 231-2466;

S8 flow generators and Mirage Swift nasal pillows from ResMed, Poway, Calif, are excellent alone, but even better together. The S8 flow generators are the smallest on the market and provide the perfect match for the Mirage Swift, one of the lightest interfaces available. ResMed flow generators are specially designed to work best with the Mirage™ family of patient interfaces for optimum comfort and effectiveness. The Mirage Swift nasal pillows system provides Mirage comfort and quality in a nasal pillows system. It is ideal for people who want a light, flexible system that provides a clear field of vision. Together, they offer a complete therapy system that is compact and comfortable for maximum compliance. (800) 424-0737;