To date, iCare Financial has been used for cases both large at small at the Dream Dentistry Practice. “If someone has periodontal problems, they may use a smaller amount. If they have a larger treatment or crown and bridge treatment, they will use a larger amount. We’re seeing it across the board for different treatments,” says Gordon Roeder, DMD, practice owner at Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care in Quakertown, Pa. In the future, he also anticipates that iCare Financial will be used for more sleep apnea treatments.

Roeder was looking into a new financing option for his patients when he first heard about iCare Financial. As Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care practices general dentistry, the practice handles many implant and large reconstruction cases and run into issues with patients who simply can’t afford treatment. Roeder was seeking a method that was good for patient acceptance as well as good recourse for himself.

At the time of treatment presentation, the team at Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care informs the patients of their commitment to getting their mouth rebuilt that isn’t covered by insurance. They suggest a few forms of financing and found that patients are extremely receptive to iCare’s friendly monthly payment program.

Since implementing iCare Financial, Dream Dentistry & Sleep Care has found that they are averaging double the size of cases and double the collections. “I love the fact that a large part of it isn’t coming out of my pocket or the businesses’ pocket,” says Roeder.

To date, Roeder and his team have found that patients are very satisfied with iCare Financial. In many cases, it has enabled them to successfully receive treatments that they might otherwise not have access to.

Roeder says, “We are a high quality oriented office. The fact that patients can get the quality dentistry now that they couldn’t have gotten before due to not being accepted for financing mediums, it makes them very happy. We’re over delivering by providing a financing option that they haven’t had before.”