A new survey found that nearly 90% of divorced couples slept in the “female spoon” position before ending their relationships.

The new study from a U.K.-based sleep site called TheDozyOwl surveyed 4,987 divorced women and 4,786 divorced men to determine whether sleep positions had any correlation with divorce, according to Body and Soul. According to the survey, 86 percent of respondents said the female spoon was the most common sleeping position they found themselves in before they got divorced.

What is it about this position that makes it so frequently linked to divorce? Some experts say the position is an indication that something is disconnected within the relationship. When it comes to the women doing the spooning, it “could signal concern for the marriage and wanting to hang on, trying to show love and care for their partner and/or fear in what was happening in the relationship,” says author Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, LMFT.

Certified sleep science coach and founder of sleepingocean.com, Alex Savy, adds that women tend to sleep in a female spoon when they’re “not getting enough attention or affection.”

This position can, in turn, make men feel like they’re “being overpowered or smothered” by their partner. “In the long run, this can lead to suppressed feelings of discontent, which later might cause the couple to get a divorce,” says Savy. 

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