The NFC [National Football Conference] Championship game on Sunday had some interesting (and surprising) impacts on people’s sleep.
Sleep Cycle, a smart phone app, found that despite Philadelphia’s win over Minneapolis the Viking fans woke up in a better mood the next morning than the folks in Philly, although both cities had worse wake up moods than usual.

Philly got less sleep than average and went to bed later than normal, with men staying up about 20 minutes later than women. They also woke up later than usual.

Minneapolis got more sleep than average and woke up earlier than normal this morning.

Both cities also experienced worse sleep quality than normal, although Philly slept slightly better than Minneapolis.

This information is based on 103,903 male and female Sleep Cycle alarm clock users, ages 18-74 years old, who voluntarily and anonymously shared their sleep data on January 22, 2017.