The newest “State of America’s Sleep” findings from the Better Sleep Council’s (BSC), the consumer education arm of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), revealed that a divided sleep experience has been exacerbated by the direct and indirect effects of the ongoing pandemic and its economic fallout.

More people reported they’re sleeping poorly or excellently, and there are few people with average sleep quality. Furthermore, COVID-19 affected poor sleepers the most, unveiling several themes about them.

Deteriorating Mental Health

  • 48% of poor sleepers say their mental/emotional health has declined over the past year

Struggling Financial Health

  • 21% of poor sleepers have an income under $25K.
  • 40% say their financial situation has changed negatively as a result of COVID-19.

Declining Physical Health

  • Poor sleepers are more likely to wake up tired, stiff, in pain/sore, or not rested and refreshed.
  • 33% of poor sleepers say they have exercised less during the pandemic.
  • Poor sleepers are more likely to use sleep-promoting medication or other tools to help them sleep. 38% regularly sleep with a fan and are more likely to often/frequently use sleep-promoting OTC or prescription medications to help them sleep than excellent sleepers.

Considering these results, poor sleepers can learn a few tips from excellent sleepers. Even during the pandemic, the best sleepers in America are exercising regularly and enjoying it; increasing their savings; having deep, meaningful relationships; succeeding at all of the above.

“The ‘Divided States of America’ has always been a model for people’s health experiences, but this latest wave of research shows that this divide now characterizes how people are sleeping,” says Mary Helen Rogers, vice president of marketing and communications for the Better Sleep Council, in a release. “These findings are intriguing, and if our tips can help poor sleepers improve their sleep habits, then we’ll certainly make progress in closing this divide.”

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