Three students have been chosen as winners of the 2017 American Sleep Medicine Foundation “Sleep Recharges You” High School Video Contest, which focused on motivating teens to prioritize the importance of sleep in their lives.

“The American Sleep Medicine Foundation video contest emphasized that is critically important for teens to recharge by sleeping 8 to 10 hours each night,” said ASMF President Jennifer L. Martin, PhD. “I congratulate contest winners David Yates, Dugan Studebaker and Adhi Gopal, and I hope that their creative and award-winning videos will remind teens that healthy sleep is essential for optimal health and performance.”

The 2017 contest was entered by 95 students, who competed from across the country for the grand prize of $1,000, second-place prize of $500, and People’s Choice prize of $250. Each prize is split between the winning student and his or her school.

Entries were evaluated and judged by a panel of sleep medicine physicians and researchers for originality and video quality, as well as the appropriateness, relevance and accuracy of the message. The People’s Choice winner was selected via public, online voting.

David Yates – 1st Place
Ralston Valley High School
Arvada, CO
11th grade
“The Necessity of Sleep”

Dugan Studebaker – 2nd Place
Wheaton Academy
West Chicago, IL
12th grade
“Go to Sleep”

Adhi Gopal – People’s Choice
Clear Lake High School
Houston, TX
10th grade
“ASMF 2017”