Airplanes have been trending toward incorporating more sleep-friendly features but most of those have been for business and first class passengers. But Boeing may be bringing airplane better sleep to economy passengers in the future.

Boeing received a patent for a “transport vehicle upright sleep support system [,985,693.PN.&OS=PN/8,985,693&RS=PN/8,985,693]” that resembles a front-worn backpack with a face relief aperture similar to a massage table. Boeing’s patent describes it as: “An upright sleep support system incorporates a head cushion having a face relief aperture to receive the eyes, nose, mouth and chin of a passenger placing his or her face against the head cushion with a hinged support structure for angular adjustment, sleeves that open in front to support the passengers arms, and a chest cushion on the back of the device. The chest cushion receives the passenger’s chest in a forward leaning position. The head cushion is deployable from a backpack and the chest cushion is integrated into the back of the backpack.”

In a YouTube video (embedded above), PatentYogi refers to it as a “cuddle seat.”