By Sree Roy

A new neck-worn device for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) reduced AHI by more than 50% in most participants (83%) in a study soon to be published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

The new device is named Night Shift.

It was developed by Advanced Brain Monitoring Inc to help patients with positional OSA, meaning patients whose OSA is at least twice as severe when sleeping supine. Most patients with an AHI of 2 up to an AHI of 60 (severe OSA) have positional OSA, according to the study. The study showed that only those with an AHI >60 do not have a positional component.

Other key findings were:

  • 83% of positional OSA participants responded to Night Shift therapy with >50% reduction in AHI; the median AHI reduction was 79%
  • Participants had significantly less sleep fragmentation and hypoxemia, and slept more deeply
  • A majority of participants experienced reduced daytime sleepiness and depression symptoms were significantly reduced
  • Across participants, the percent of time snoring above 50 dB was significantly reduced

Night Shift has built-in objective compliance recording, which Daniel Levendowski, president and cofounder of Advanced Brain Monitoring, told Sleep Review could make it a viable alternative for transportation workers, such as truck drivers.

Night Shift is in the final stages of FDA approval and an IndieGogo campaign launches tomorrow to enroll patients in a study to look at 6-month compliance.