Aesyra SA is a private company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, that is developing a medical device able to accurately monitor and relieve sleep bruxism, a condition that, without therapy, has negative impacts on patients’ lives and is linked with serious sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. The company has already secured the intellectual property, developed prototypes, and obtained clinical data.

CEO Marco Letizia says in a release, “We are very pleased to have secured the first funding from VitaTech that will allow to pursue the industrialization, the clinical validation, and the commercialization of our technology. Having Dr Paolo Orsatti joining our board will significantly strengthen our team thanks to his leadership and experience into the medtech industry.”

Paolo Orsatti, director, says, “We are convinced that Aesyra solution has a very large potential because it addresses an unmet medical need; it can positively impact the quality of life of the patients and potentially prevent other sleep disorders. We are delighted of our fund’s second investment in Aesyra that fits perfectly into VitaTech’s strategy to invest in companies positioned at the convergence of healthcare and technology.”