Practicing Clinicians Exchange (PCE), Stamford, Conn, a provider of continuing education (CE) opportunities for nurse practitioners (NP) and physicians assistants (PA), partnered with the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation to provide CE programs on the disease throughout the United States.

PCE believes that NPs and PAs are the solution to a growing health care emergency of too many patients and too few doctors. The RLS Foundation’s executive director, Georgia Bell, says that NPs and PAs can fill the role of identifying and treating RLS that might be overlooked due to this current crisis. 

“NPs and PAs provide patient-centered care that allows them to recognize symptoms and appreciate the impact of the condition on those who suffer from it,” said Bell. “With awareness and education about RLS continuing to grow, we’re pleased to be working with PCE to educate this emerging segment of health care practitioners on a national scale.”

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