Results from the Wake Up America survey, conducted by The Alliance for Sleep and sponsored by Idorsia, will be presented at SLEEP 2022. Survey results reveal a need for education, improved dialogue, and new solutions for people affected by insomnia. Based on these findings, The Alliance for Sleep, a multidisciplinary committee assembled by Idorsia to promote education, awareness, and research on sleep and sleep disorders, is demanding more concentrated attention through its newly released “Roadmap for Change,” which provides a framework for improving insomnia patient outcomes.

The Alliance for Sleep’s landmark survey, Wake Up America: The Night & Day Impact of Insomnia, data reveal the massive impact that trouble sleeping and insomnia have on a variety of aspects across both the night and the day.

Notable findings from the survey include that a majority of patients with sleep difficulties reported feeling frustrated (54%), irritated (52%), stressed (51%), and/or reported that their mood is negatively impacted (59%). While nearly all primary care physicians (98%) and psychiatrists (97%) affirmed that sleep is critical to good health, only 12% of primary care physicians and 24% of psychiatrists routinely conducted a full sleep history of their patients, according to Idorsia data.

Based on data from the Wake Up America survey, The Alliance for Sleep is also debuting its “Roadmap for Change.” The Roadmap outlines areas of additional focus—education and awareness, dialogue, management, and resources—to support patients and physicians in efforts to improve patient outcomes for those living with insomnia.

Charlene Gamaldo, MD, says in a release,”Findings from the Wake Up America survey highlighted the current gap between patients and doctors in how they discuss sleep and insomnia. Through our ‘Roadmap for Change,’ we’re taking an important first step of identifying areas for growth, then subsequently developing potential tools and strategies to close this sleep health communication gap between provider and patient.”

On June 7, Idorsia Pharmaceuticals U.S. and Osmosis Films will host a special screening of The Quest for Sleep for congress attendees. The Quest for Sleep amplifies patient voices and provides insight into the reality of living with insomnia. In the film, sleep experts Michael Grandner, Dayna Johnson, and Meeta Singh share information on the science behind sleep and provide insights into what happens inside the body and brain when there is a lack of sleep. Following the film, a special panel discussion will be moderated by director and producer Rachel Mills, including cast member Kelly and sleep experts Grandner, Johnson, and Singh.

Patricia Torr, president and general manager of Idorsia US, says in a release, “At Idorsia we are committed to elevating conversations around insomnia and highlighting the need for improved patient outcomes. In all of our endeavors, it is essential that the patient perspective inform the way we think and talk about trouble sleeping. The Quest for Sleep aligns with this commitment by providing first person perspectives on the struggles of living with insomnia.”

In addition to the Wake Up America survey poster presentation, Idorsia will also be presenting on the following abstracts:

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