Proove Biosciences, which focuses on personalized medicine, presented the poster “Genetics and Insomnia: Study on the Role of DAT1 in Risk of Insomnia” on March 26 at the Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The study analyzed 12 genetic markers to determine the influence of genetics in insomnia and the genes that may play a role in susceptibility to insomnia. Proove discovered that the DAT1 SNP is significantly associated with insomnia, key information that can help improve future understanding on the role of genetics in insomnia.

“It touches my heart to be able to give patients and physicians answers that will help guide personalized treatment. When we know our genetics set us up for certain conditions or drug reactions it is not only comforting to know ‘why’ but also empowering to be able to compensate with healthy lifestyle interventions and safer drugs,” says Maggie Hopkins, MD, Proove Biosciences clinical science liaison, in a release.