CNBC reports on the appearance of a new product called the Sleep Pod on the popular show “Shark Tank.”

Matt Mundt and Angie Kupper, co-founders of Hug Sleep, had all five “Shark Tank” investors in a bidding war during Friday’s episode of the show.

The husband-and-wife duo from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, started Hug Sleep, a company that sells an adult swaddle called the Sleep Pod, with $2,500 they had in savings. In just 16 months, they generated $490,000 in sales.

″[The] Sleep Pod uses a four-way stretch material that wraps around your entire body,” Mundt told the Sharks. “As this fabric stretches, it wants to compress, providing a gentle, calming pressure, helping you to relax and fall asleep. It truly simulates the feeling of being hugged.”

At the bottom of the swaddle, there is an opening for those who prefer to leave one leg out while they sleep for temperature regulation.

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