The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) named Itamar Medical Ltd winner of the 2020 SleepTech Award, which recognizes the year’s most innovative achievement in sleep technology.

Itamar Medical is a technology company focused on the development and commercialization of non-invasive medical devices and solutions to aid in the diagnosis of respiratory sleep disorders. Itamar Medical describes its WatchPAT One as the first and only disposable home sleep apnea test that connects to a smartphone app and easily transmits sleep data for review.

“We congratulate Itamar Medical for winning our 2020 SleepTech Award by further innovating their product to help advance sleep technology. Their response to customer insights and needs is particularly relevant this year in the effort to promote better sleep health during a pandemic,” said John Lopos, CEO of NSF.

Gilad Glick, CEO, Itamar Medical said of winning the award: “We are honored and delighted to receive the 2020 SleepTech®Award and to be recognized as a leader by the NSF for our achievements in the field of sleep medicine and technology. Sleep Apnea is serious disease with serious consequences. It hurts hearts and undermines the effective treatment of cardiovascular disease which costs the healthcare system billions of dollars. We are very proud of the home-based innovative technology and the digital health platform we have built to deliver simple and reliable solutions for the diagnosis and management of this condition without the patient needing to leave home or be exposed to infection, with a focus on additional care pathways. Specifically, with our WatchPAT One, we have developed a highly accurate, noninvasive, and fully disposable solution, that is safe to use during this unprecedented pandemic. It allows us to maintain a laser sharp focus on our mission to support the estimated 80% of the undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnea sufferers worldwide and allow them to be diagnosed from the safety of their own home.”

The NSF would also like to acknowledge two semi-finalists: EnsoData and Bryte. EnsoData’s EnsoSleep is a sleep scoring AI technology, which reads waveforms to diagnose, monitor, and treat patients. Bryte’s Restorative Bed measures, learns, tests, and applies what sleepers need to improve their sleep. “We couldn’t have been more impressed with all three finalists. We struggled to select a winner,” said judge Lloyd Sommers, Chair of the NSF Sleep Tech Council and SleepTech Award winner in 2019.

The NSF SleepTech Award is given annually to support sleep science and innovation in sleep technology products that can improve sleep health. NSF discloses no financial relationship with the 2020 SleepTech Award winner.