The not-for-profit organization Wake Up Narcolepsy is sponsoring a free weekend camp for children with narcolepsy and their families in late September. All meals, accommodations, and activities are covered during the program that is meant to encourage connections between families who have children with narcolepsy. 

The mission of the camp, scheduled to take place in Scottsville, Kentucky from Sept. 30 through Oct 2, 2022, is to provide families and children with narcolepsy an opportunity to meet other kids experiencing the same symptoms and challenges. The children will be able to bond with each other while engaging in activities, including art, dancing, horseback riding, mini golf, cooking, and fishing. 

“For affected kids and their families, some of their anxieties and concerns can be significantly eased with the realization that this neurological disorder affects others just like them,” says a statement from Wake Up Narcolepsy.

“Building relationships that extend beyond their diagnosis, children with narcolepsy not only find new friends but also a sense of self-identity in which they are no longer different.”

The program will also feature the appearance of a special guest, Thomas Gow, a cofounder of Wake Up Narcolepsy.

Families may register two adults, their child or multiple children with narcolepsy, and any siblings under 18 that share the same residence.

A physician’s statement is required to attend camp. The form is provided during the application process.

Travel and expenses to get to and from camp are not covered and are the responsibility of individual families. For more information and a detailed description of the program, visit Wake Up Narcolepsy’s website. To apply for the camp program, visit The Center for Courageous Kids online. 

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