SleepRate has launched an end-to-end mobile health application that monitors sleep to detect and treat non-medical sleep deficit disorders, the company says.

SleepRate provides sleep monitoring and assessment to detect sleep deficiency disorders to be followed by a personally tailored treatment program to cure a wide spectrum of non-medical sleep deficit disorders. Its patented diagnostic technology uses sleep analysis algorithms that were FDA-cleared, while the therapeutic intervention is based on treatment protocols that were developed and validated at the Behavioral Sleep Division at Stanford University. SleepRate says the result is an all-in-one solution that:

  1. Monitors sleep schedule, related habits, duration, quality, continuity efficiency and structure, snoring, and environmental noises in the habitual sleep settings over six nights;
  2. Diagnoses and reports any detected sleep deficits during the monitoring;
  3. Presents a personalized “sleep improvement plan” that provides the person with step-by-step sleep-related behavioral goals, as well as cognitive tasks, that will reboot sleep over a period of a few weeks.

SleepRate research showed that insomnia severity score decreases in insomniacs who completed the program, while the time it takes to fall asleep decreased by 27% and the number of times a person is awakened during the night decreased by 41%.

“Millions of people around the world are suffering from sleep deficit disorders, which represent a major health concern with potential devastating consequences,” says Anda Baharav, MD, founder and CEO of SleepRate, in a release. “Sleep is not a luxury and the failure to get the sleep the body needs can lead to numerous major health risks. SleepRate monitors and detects sleep deficits in both those actively seeking treatments for a known sleep problem, as well as for those who may not be aware that they suffered from sleep deprivation at all, providing them with a personalized treatment plan that allows to get the good night sleep they need.”