VirtuOx Inc, a medical technology services company that delivers home testing solutions, entered into an agreement with Watermark Medical, a company currently servicing the sleep-disordered breathing market, to utilize the Watermark ARES device in its portfolio, the VirtuOx Home Sleep Test (HoST) solutions.

VirtuOx’s HoST home sleep testing platforms can diagnose patients with central and obstructive sleep apnea. With VirtuOx solutions, which now include Watermark ARES, a patient never has to leave home to be diagnosed with sleep apnea. VirtuOx delivers the device to the patient’s home, supplies detailed instructions and 24-hour telephone support, and provides an accurate diagnosis using its network of board-certified sleep physicians.

"With this strategic alliance, Watermark and VirtuOx are making in-home testing and diagnosis even more accessible to the millions of Americans suffering from sleep apnea," said Charlie Alvarez, cofounder and president of Watermark Medical. "The ARES device can save patients significant time and money, but can also save lives. Since sleep apnea is linked to chronic health conditions such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension, accurate and timely diagnosis is critical. With VirtuOx’s HoST platform, now with Watermark ARES, patients can be diagnosed and treated quickly, resulting in a decrease in long-term health problems—even death. A partnership between Watermark Medical and VirtuOx signifies that we are one step closer to making at-home medical diagnosis part of our overall healthcare system." 

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