Discover the groundbreaking insights from the Sleep Apnea Health Outcomes Research Group at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in their latest white paper. Authored by Ali Azarbarzin, PhD, this comprehensive resource challenges the limitations of current obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) metrics and explores the associations of hypoxic burden with health outcomes.

Dive into the Definition of Hypoxic Burden

Uncover the key characterizing features of respiratory events that can be utilized to effectively stratify OSA patients as to risk for adverse cardiovascular outcomes. Explore how the depth and duration of OSA-related desaturation play a crucial role in understanding its severity.

Associations of Hypoxic Burden with Health Outcomes

Delve into the fascinating correlations between hypoxic burden and various health outcomes. Gain valuable insights into its potential implications for cardiovascular health and overall well-being.

Hypoxic Burden versus Conventional Metrics of Hypoxemia in OSA

Compare and contrast the hypoxic burden with traditional metrics of hypoxemia in OSA. Understand how this novel approach offers a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of OSA severity.

Hypoxic Burden Threshold for Increased Risk of CVD

Uncover the threshold at which hypoxic burden poses an elevated risk for cardiovascular diseases. Explore the implications for patient care and management strategies.

Hypoxic Burden Measurement from In-lab and In-home Polysomnograms

Gain insights into the practical aspects of measuring hypoxic burden during sleep studies. Discover how in-lab and in-home polysomnograms can contribute to a more nuanced understanding of OSA severity.

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