Respironics Inc. Murrysville, Pa, announces the release of the RUSleeping RTS, a same-day, objective, in-home apneic event screener. The device is a small, easy-to-use, unobtrusive method of screening for apneic events in individuals who are suspected of having obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Based upon a patient’s at-home overnight score, physicians can easily interpret if the patient is a likely candidate for an immediate polysomnogram (PSG). Sleep laboratory physicians can provide the RUSleeping RTS to patients to prescreen at home for OSA before the patient is seen for an in-laboratory PSG. By being presented with objective data regarding their apneic events, patients might more readily accept the need for a complete PSG and then more willingly accept treatment if there is a diagnosis of OSA. The RUSleeping RTS consists of a base unit and a nasal cannula. When the battery is installed into the base unit, respiratory airflow pressure is sensed via the cannula and the device starts to record apneic events. When breathing decreases 50% or more for 10 seconds or longer, it is considered an apneic event and is recorded on the LCD readout. The RUSleeping RTS is convenient to operate and can be re-used. No accessory equipment, software, or electrical outlet is needed. Patient instructions are short and simple. Rich Herrle, product manager, says about RUSleeping, The RUSleeping RTS makes it very easy for clinicians to screen their patients for possible apneic events. The patient attaches the nasal cannula at night and in the morning presses one button to review the overnight scores on the LCD window of the base unit. The patients calls the physician with the results. It’s that simple. The RUSleeping RTS device is much less cumbersome and expensive than many other screening devices. It is a quick and simple tool for busy clinicians who have patients presenting with subjective symptoms of OSA. This can help bring patients one step closer to diagnosis and treatment, which is what good patient outcomes are all about.