Sleep Review talks to Don Bradley, president, and Richard A. Bonato, PhD, vice president of BRAEBON Medical Corp

The market for sleep diagnostics is constantly changing, with new technology always emerging. Don Bradley, president, and Richard A. Bonato, PhD, vice president of BRAEBON Medical Corp, Ogdensburg, NY, tell Sleep Review how they see their company positioned to keep up with this fast-moving industry.

 Richard A. Bonato, PhD, vice president, (left) and Don Bradley, president, BRAEBON Medical Corp.

Q. What sets BRAEBON apart from other manufacturers of sleep-related products?
A. Bonato:
Our vision and actions compared to our competitors. Other manufacturers’ vision, for the most part, is to maintain the status quo—milk the current market with old technology and high prices. Our vision, on the other hand, is to revolutionize the industry with new technology and aggressive pricing. Our people have worked for corporations, hospitals, and universities that needed special abilities in product design and expertise in sleep disorder monitoring and diagnosis. When we incorporated BRAEBON years ago, we began with the dream of revolutionizing the sleep diagnostic equipment business in much the same way that personal computers did for the computer industry. Today, we can proudly say we have done this by developing the new and revolutionary family of MediPalm™ Personal Recording Devices. Couple this with our sensors and software, and we are the only one-stop diagnostic shop in the industry with truly revolutionary products and pricing. We want all of our customers to critique our products. This feedback will make our company a success, but more important, it will give our customers what they need to expand their business and increase their bottom-line profits.

Q. What can our readers expect from BRAEBON in terms of products?
A. Bonato:
We are standing this market on its head with our product offerings. We are constantly expanding and improving products for our customers. Recently, we introduced a snoring microphone with sensitivities way beyond competitors’ products. We enhanced half of our existing sleep sensor product lineup, and introduced the new MediPalm, which will empower clinicians to evaluate any sleep disorder in virtually any setting. Ten years ago, we were the original design team behind a sleep system that sold for $50,000 per bed when everyone else charged around $75,000. People said it could not be done, but instead, the product became number one. Readers can expect an even greater revolution from BRAEBON today. The MediPalm product family will once again reinvent both the price and capability of sleep systems and enable sleep laboratories to go places where they have not yet been.

Q. How is BRAEBON positioned to handle a market with constantly changing technology?
A. Bradley:
We are a technology-driven company—we spend money on design and innovation rather than hype. The current state of technological advancement in sleep diagnostic equipment is stagnant, out of date, and costly. The current paradigm is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Our new MediPalm platform already demonstrates the technological superiority within our product lineup. We consistently upgrade and expand our design and fabrication infrastructure along with our engineering resources. We see ourselves riding on top of a technology wave, and are constantly evaluating, dismissing, or adopting new technologies.

Q. What do you envision for the future of the sleep industry?
A. Bradley:
We believe Baby Boomers will have a dramatic impact on the sleep industry. We envision new markets opening up for our customers, including more needs in home care, inpatient care, and other areas outside of obstructive sleep apnea. The marketplace will undergo a convergence of technologies where the lines between diagnostics and therapeutics will become blurred. We believe that our customers can expand their business to meet demands while increasing their revenue and profit by using more advanced technology. Portability, enhanced software, networks, and Internet protocol solutions are all converging in our vision. We want our customers to be enabled in ways they have only dreamed of until now. We will be there for them, and today we are leading the way to satisfy all their hardware and software needs. We are poised and uniquely positioned to launch into insomnia, periodic leg movement, and circadian rhythm disorders, and we envision that our new products will augment existing sleep laboratories and expand their diagnostic and therapeutic repertoires in the years to come.