Sleep Review talks to Nick Macmillan, global sleep project manager, for DeVilbiss, a division of Sunrise Medical

 The growing sleep industry has seen an increased market presence among many manufacturers. Sleep Review spoke with Nick Macmillan global sleep product manager, for DeVilbiss, a division of Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, about the company’s development of products in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

Q. How has DeVilbiss changed its position in the sleep arena?
I would say that it is less a change and more an increased focus. From the chairman, Mike Hammes, and down through the organization, DeVilbiss has taken a long, hard look at the area of sleep and recognized that the innovation has always been there, but getting the word out to the key players is where the challenge is today.

Q. How has DeVilbiss worked to increase this focus?
Especially within sleep, there are several communities of interest. To best meet the needs of these communities, we recently added several specialists across the country to support the sleep centers, physicians, providers, payors, and our sales team. In addition, we are participating in some very interesting research initiatives that support the work of some of the nation’s leading sleep physicians. We find that often our missions are very much the same. Providing and supporting educational opportunities and training are other areas of interest.

Q. You state that the “innovation has always been there.” What do you mean by this?
DeVilbiss was the first to introduce “flow rounding” with its bilevel device and developed the first AutoAdjust unit. The introduction of eCompliance a year ago was the first truly hands-free, 24/7 compliance model. These innovations coupled with our modular approach to therapy devices, cool and heated humidification, and masks speak to DeVilbiss’ commitment not only to innovation but to efficient solutions for the sleep center, provider, patient, and physician.

Q. What skills do you bring to DeVilbiss to help maintain this new emphasis on sleep?
First of all, it is important to point out that DeVilbiss was an innovator long before I came on board. They have a great team of engineers who are forward thinkers. But in answer to the question, I am very familiar with all of the areas that sleep touches and appreciate the unique challenges to each. I am a respiratory therapist by trade with a patient care and management background in sleep and home care, and I bring all of these experiences to the table. A passion for quality patient care drives me and the rest of the team to bringing efficiency and innovation to the communities we serve as well as to those suffering from sleep disorders.

Q. Can you reveal anything about products being introduced in the near future?
I will say that patient comfort is high on our list. Patient comfort is paramount to long-term compliance. Therefore, creating products that fit the patient and are easy to use is critical to the development of new products.