Health Monitor
The LifeShirt® from VivoMetrics®, Ventura, Calif, is a T-shirt that monitors health. The lightweight garment continuously measures respiration, ECG, body position, and activity as patients go about their normal activities of daily living. Optional peripherals can be added to measure end tidal CO2, cough, SpO2, blood pressure, EEG/EOG/EMG, and periodic leg movement. The LifeShirt is used by pharmaceutical companies in clinical trials for new drug development, by academic researchers to discover new clinical signatures of disease, and by US government agencies to protect the lives of military and civilian first responders. (805) 667-2225;

Diagnostic System
Puritan Bennett, Pleasanton, Calif, brings key technology advancements to its Sandman® EXpress™ sleep diagnostic system with the launch of version 2.0 software. With this update, the Sandman EXpress system now interfaces with the new Puritan Bennett® GoodKnight® 425ST Bi-Level® device with backup rate, to improve patient titration efficiency during sleep studies. In addition, a video/audio system is now included in the portable version of the Sandman EXpress sleep diagnostic system. When the system is used with the GoodKnight 425ST Bi-Level, users can control the device directly from the Sandman software rather than having to make adjustments through an external remote control unit. (800) 635-5267;

Dermal Care
CPAP Moisture Therapy from LouSal Enterprises Inc, Aledo, Tex, is designed to break the dry skin cycle and lock in moisture essential to users of CPAP equipment. For more than a decade, LouSal Enterprises has addressed the chafing and dry nose issue associated with use of oxygen and CPAP therapies. The product is now available to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) accounts, home health care dealers, sleep laboratories, hospitals, and other care-giving institutions. (866) 323-4567;

Therapy System
Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, recently released its REMstar Pro M Series, the second model in its M Series line of sleep systems with C-Flex™. The REMstar M Series is a complete line of sleep therapy systems that provides patient comfort and ease of use in a modern design. The products are designed for the treatment of adults who have obstructive sleep apnea. With its small size and three easy-to-use primary control buttons, the REMstar M Series is targeted at improving the patient’s acceptance of therapy. Comfort features, such as ramp and integrated humidification, are incorporated into the design. (800) 345-6443;

Dual Airway Interface
RespCare Inc, Coconut Creek, Fla, has launched its Hybrid™ Universal CPAP interface. The Hybrid combines nasal pillows with an oral interface to create a dual airway interface for use with positive pressure ventilation devices for the treatment of respiratory insufficiencies and obstructive sleep apnea. The design of the Hybrid promotes patient comfort by eliminating pressure points on the forehead and across the bridge of the nose. A built-in chin flap gently supports the chin to ensure optimal performance. The Hybrid complete system contains all of the components required to properly size patients, which eliminates the hassle of opening multiple packages to get the right fit. (866) 246-6990;

Full-face CPAP/Bilevel and NIV Masks
Hans Rudolph Inc, Kansas City, Mo, designs, manufactures, and markets two new, reusable, vented, and nonvented full face masks, which are steam autoclavable/pasteurizable and dishwasher safe. They are available in five sizes with five more half sizes when used with the Sensa Seal™ accessory. The New VIP 76™ 7600 Series for CPAP/bilevel therapy and the VIP 75™ 7500 Series for Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) Oro-Nasal (full face) Vmasks™ are available with buttons for attaching the new Sensa Seal optional accessory nose seal, new two-piece, quick-release clips, new softer face seal, and the new crystal-clear appearance due to the steel mold production quality. These Oro-Nasal Vmasks, which fit under the patient’s chin, have been the popular choice of patients, sleep laboratories, intensive care units, and home and hospital care providers and dealers since they were introduced last year. The upgraded design is completed, and these CPAP/bilevel and NIV masks are now available from stock to meet worldwide demand. (800) 456-6695;