Fleetworthy Solutions’ mission to help motor carriers surpass Department of Transportation (DOT) regulatory requirements received a boost with the company’s launch of a sleep apnea management offering.

The service handles driver screening, sleep diagnosis, education and training, equipment provisioning, document tracking, and ongoing usage monitoring.

“Fleetworthy’s Sleep Apnea Management service is the perfect option for carriers looking to improve driver safety, health, and retention. We developed our program to save lives and bring treated drivers safely back to work 5 times faster than today,” says Tom Bowe,Fleetworthy Solutions vice president of products, in a release.

Michael Precia, CEO, Fleetworthy Solutions, says, “Fleetworthy Solutions dedication to motor carrier safety made it impossible for us to ignore that 1 in 4 drivers likely have sleep apnea. We are fulfilling an obligation to our customers and demonstrating our commitment to the trucking industry by providing a turn-key Sleep Apnea Management service.”

Sleep Apnea Management will be available to fleets in the commercial motor carrier industry starting immediately.