3B Medical introduces open or clear airway apnea reporting to its PAP devices, effectively a surrogate marker for central sleep apnea (CSA). CSA occurs when the brain signal to the body to inhale is not communicated properly, which is different from obstructive sleep apnea (when the airway is blocked).

3B Medical’s devices are now equipped to detect when a patient is experiencing an open or clear airway apnea in real time and respond appropriately. The reporting of open airway apneas can alert clinicians and physicians to a patient with higher need for care.

“Patients diagnosed by HST (home sleep testing) are often not screened or accurately diagnosed for the presence of CSA or complex sleep apnea. For that reason, the Open Airway Apnea reporting in our units can act as a surrogate marker for CSA and allow for more comprehensive patient care,” says Angela Giudice, clinical manager for 3B Medical, in a release.