Debuting at CES 2018, a new app called “Shleep” has been created by sleep scientist Els van der Helm, PhD, and a team of fellow PhDs.The Shleep platform has been tested by companies including The Huffington Post, Deloitte, and Spotify—who van der Helm says have all experienced strong results up to a 50% reduction in sleep debt.

“The mission of Shleep is to help the world sleep better—and it is also my personal mission,” says van der Helm, founder and CEO of Shleep, in a release. “I dream of making a measurable contribution to a more harmonious society with energetic people who feel good about themselves.”

Once the app is opened, users see a questionnaire after a short animated introduction. After viewing the video, users receive a tailor-made program that sets out to improve their individual sleeping habits, including relaxation and dealing with and detaching from technology. The information is presented in a series of videos, combined with targeted exercises.

Ves ter Huurne, Engagement Manager, McKinsey, says, “The sleep program had more impact than any other workshop I’ve done. One year later, I still think of it at least two to three times a week. In my work, having enough sleep is crucial. I walked away with very practical tips that have become part of my daily routine.”

Van der Helm’s research at UC Berkeley, Harvard Medical School and The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience has resulted in multiple peer-reviewed articles, journals, and several book chapters.