3B, the developers of sleep therapy solutions, recently launched its iCode Connect – a cloud-based information management system that makes transferring sleep reports seamless. iCode Connect integrates with 3B’s free smartphone app, a first-of-its-kind app that decodes and sends sleep reports with the snap of a photo. iCode and iCode Connect manage patient records, develop patient reports and track overall treatment progress of CPAP and sleep apnea patients.

iCode Connect makes treating sleep disorder patients easier and more efficient. It provides accurate, timely data, is HIPAA compliant and cloud-based, so the information can be sent to various healthcare providers with no additional costs. What’s more, the system eliminates the logistical challenges of inventorying and retrieving modems and SD cards from patients.

In addition to modem costs, monthly service fees and the $75-100 cost of a home visit, iCode Connect works with only a smart phone. If a patient can take a picture, a sleep compliance report can be produced quickly and retrieved by the entire healthcare team. iCode Connect utilizes optical character recognition technology to process a photograph and extract sleep data from the display to produce a full sleep report.

For more information, visit http://3bproducts.com.