Philips Respironics introduces the Actiwatch Spectrum Plus actigraphy device. The device is designed to provide scientific professionals with accurate and objective data recording to help them assess activity, sleep, wake, and light-exposure in their subjects for a variety of applications.

The Actiwatch Spectrum Plus collects and downloads continuous, objective activity, sleep, and wake data from ambulatory subjects in one compact, professional-grade scientific device. An integrated RGB light sensor records multiple light measurements to help assess the impact of different wavelengths of ambient light on human circadian physiology. The data collected through this single device, plus sophisticated Actiware software, is designed to help clinicians and scientists conveniently and reliably assess the impact of newly developed drugs or sleep therapies on patients’ everyday lives.

The Actiwatch Spectrum Plus is capable of more than a month of continuous recording. The direct USB connectivity facilitates convenient battery charging, data configuration, and retrieval. A rechargeable battery helps decrease the need for routine battery changes. The Actiwatch Spectrum Plus also incorporates an “off-wrist” indicator that will appear as markers in the data report to identify when the device was not being worn.