The EmbracePlus by Empatica is a medical wearable that includes actigraphy and beyond. Its additional capabilities include digital skin temperature readings. The EmbracePlus is cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in large-scale clinical research and at-home medical monitoring by individual patients.

Features in the compatible Empatica Health Monitoring Platform, including use of FDA-cleared biomarkers such as pulse rate, respiratory rate, skin conductance, and SpO2, in combination with actigraphy measures mean clinicians get a more holistic view of a patient’s sleep-wake cycle and circadian rhythms.

“We are proud of the patient-centered, intuitive design of EmbracePlus and our companion patient app, which reduces barriers to study participation and increases patient compliance,” says Simone Tognetti, Empatica’s chief technology officer, adding:

“At Empatica, we are at the forefront of wearable technology for health monitoring, offering solutions that can provide continuous, comprehensive data on sleep and activity patterns, helping advance the fields of sleep research and patient care while filling the gap that the ActiWatch discontinuation has left.”

Empatica EmbracePlus Technical Specs

Platform: Empatica Health Monitoring Platform

Regulatory Approvals: 510(k) FDA-clearance as part of the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform (K221282K230457);CE-certified as a class IIa medical device

Sensors: ventral electrodermal activity sensor; 4-channel multi-wavelength photoplethysmogram sensor; high precision 3D microelectromechanical accelerometer and gyroscope; digital temperature sensor

Dimensions: sensor pod: 40 mm (1.57”) x 38.5 mm (1.52”) x 11 mm (0.43”), 40g (including battery, band, and electronics); silicone wristband: 95mm (3.8”) minimum wrist circumference, 222mm (8.7”) maximum wrist circumference, 21 mm (0.83”) band width

Storage & Memory: non-stop data recording synced with the Care or Care Lab app; on-board flash memory (hours of data stored on the device is determined by the selected sensor mode)

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5 with encrypted pairing and data transfer

Waterproofing: IP67 (can stay immersed in water up to 1m/3ft deep for 30 minutes)

Display: Always-on E Ink display with digital clock face and function indicators;scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen

Buttons: 2 mechanical buttons used for checking battery status, software interactions, and event tagging