ResMed this week unveiled the S+ by ResMed, a contactless sleep system targeted at consumers. The S+ by ResMed is a personalized sleep solution that uses patented bio-motion sensors, designed to measure an individual’s sleep stages and environment, and deliver personalized feedback that helps improve sleep from the very first night.

With its noncontact design, the S+ monitors breathing patterns and body movements without requiring wristbands, mattress strips, or electrodes. The system also captures the light, noise, and temperature levels in the room and allows consumers to log factors such as caffeine and alcohol intake, as well as exercise, to analyze patterns over time and deliver personalized sleep strategies.

The SleepSensor technology is clinically proven, and the connected system sends real-time data to a consumer’s smartphone or tablet and shares daily sleep scores and charts based on individual sleep patterns and lifestyle. The capabilities of the S+ go beyond those of fitness devices available on the market because the S+ algorithm provides personalized suggestions informed by more than 2 million nights of proprietary sleep data.

“Millions of Americans are already counting their calories or miles walked, but it’s impossible to track and measure the quality of your sleep without assistance,” says Don Darkin, president of ResMed’s sleep-disordered breathing business unit, in a release. “Using our patented SleepSensor technology that connects direct to your smartphone, the S+ allows for more accurate in-home monitoring, and represents a quantum leap forward in sleep science to achieve better sleep.”

The S+ works with Apple iOS and Android compatible devices. The free S+ by ResMed app offers easy-to-read sleep scores and analysis along with helpful interactive tools that provide a range of options for a path to better sleep, including:

  • Relax to Sleep: Provides soothing sounds that synchronize with breathing patterns to help falling asleep at bedtime.
  • Sleep Score: Combines multiple sleep measurements with research-driven averages for age and gender to deliver a daily sleep score of 0 to 100 in addition to “mind” and “body re-charge” scores.
  • S+ Mentor: Delivers personalized and actionable feedback to help consumers improve their sleep performance.
  • Sleep Charts: Creates individualized color-coded charts based on sleep stages (light, deep, and REM) and a breakdown of the sleep session throughout the night.
  • Mind Clear: Allows users to record a voice clip, or type a text note to help clear their thoughts on the path to a good night’s sleep.
  • Smart Alarm: Allows users to set a window of time so the S+ will wake them only when they’ve entered a light stage of sleep, which allows for a more refreshed morning.

The S+ will be available for the suggested retail price of $149.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond stores beginning in mid-October and online at