Airflow Differential Pressure Transducer
d08a.jpg (10624 bytes)Braebon Medical Corp, Ogdensburg, NY, introduces the Ultima Airflow Differential Pressure Transducer (Model 0580) for use in accurately indicating respiratory airflow on a variety of polysomnographic recording systems. With fewer cables and more features, this new differential pressure transducer is easy to use, small, and cost-efficient to operate, and it can be used with CPAP. A disposable cannula indicates upper airway resistance syndrome, various forms of sleep apnea, and snoring. (888) 462-4841.

Lightweight Medical Recorder
d08a.jpg (10624 bytes)In January, the US Food and Drug Administration cleared the portable Somté sleep-cardiology recording system by Compumedics Ltd, El Paso, Tex, for marketing in the United States. A lightweight medical recorder, Somté combines features of diagnostic sleep systems and cardiac recorders. The combination of the technologies addresses the mounting evidence of the correlation between sleep-disordered breathing and cardiovascular disease. As Somté is portable, patient studies can be conducted at home, thus eliminating the expense of hospitalization. (877) 717-3975.

Oximeter and Sensor in One
d08a.jpg (10624 bytes)Nonin Medical Inc, Minneapolis, introduces ipod™, an OEM fingertip pulse oximeter and reusable adult finger-clip sensor combined in one compact, self-contained unit. It provides medical device manufacturers with a means of adding pulse oximetry to medical devices without the time, space, and financial constraints inherent in typical “board plus sensor” models. The ipod also offers low-power requirements and ease of integration. (800) 356-8874.

Nasal CPAP Mask
d08a.jpg (10624 bytes)Hans Rudolph Inc, Kansas City, Mo, introduces the ALIZES™, a nasal CPAP/bi-level/NIPPV mask and swivel port assembly that can withstand steam autoclaving, dishwashers, and cold chemical disinfection. The new CO2 deflector vent design allows exhaled CO2 to be vented away quietly, and a new retainer clip secures assembly for rough sleepers. Soft and lightweight, the mask comes in sizes to fit most patients and allows them to read or watch TV while wearing the mask. It features two face-sealing options to guarantee a good seal and comfort during CPAP therapy, an adjustable nose strap, and either a soft silicone rubber mask flange or supersoft Comfort Seal™ Foam. Two types of headgear are available in three sizes of each. (800) 456-6695.

Polysomnograph System
d08a.jpg (10624 bytes)Grass-Telefactor, an Astro-Med Inc Product Group, West Warwick, RI, has received US Food and Drug Administration clearance to market and sell Comet™, a compact, low-cost polysomnograph (PSG) for sleep studies. The system provides up to 50 channels for recording and analysis of sleep data. It features easy-to-use TWin® software, state-of-the-art amplifiers, and a “personality module” with electrode inputs designed especially for PSG. The removable personality modules facilitate easy electrode application and setup. The high-fidelity digital amplifier system sends the PSG signals directly to a PC through a standard TCP/IP Ethernet port. (877) 472-7779.

Handheld Screening Device
d08a.jpg (10624 bytes)VIASYS Healthcare’s Respiratory Technologies Group, Yorba Linda, Calif, introduces SleepScreen, a handheld screening device for the detection of obstructive sleep apnea. The device’s home orientation and small size allow overnight testing in almost any setting where a patient sleeps. With up to 26 channels of outpatient polysomnography, SleepScreen offers automatic analysis of all sleep-relevant parameters. Its modular design allows the device to be expanded according to the clinicians’ requirements. Touch Screen technology makes it easy to handle, durable, and reliable. While ideal for outpatient testing, it is easily integrated into any hospital or sleep laboratory. (800) 231-2466.