The Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) eliminated the A-STEP self-study modules requirement for candidates applying for the RPSGT exam through Pathway #2, effective immediately. Candidates applying through Pathway #2 are allied health care professionals with current credentials who also have 6 months of experience in polysomnography. The requirement remains in place for Pathway #1 candidates.

“In reviewing exam statistics from the past several testing windows, we determined that the performance of Pathway #2 candidates—credentialed allied health professionals—was significantly stronger than the performance of 18-month candidates, and that the performance and pass rate had not been enhanced by the increased requirement,” says BRPT president Becky Appenzeller, RPSGT, R. EEG T., CNIM. “Based on these statistics, continuing to require the modules for Pathway #2 candidates is difficult to justify; we felt eliminating it immediately was appropriate.”

The A-STEP self-study modules were required for all RPSGT exam candidates (with the exception of graduates of CAAHEP-accredited programs) since July 1, 2008.

A summary of current RPSGT exam eligibility requirements is available [removed]here[/removed].

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