On February 4, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the “SOMNOtouch RESP” by SOMNOmedics for use in sleep-disordered breathing diagnostics.

The SOMNOtouch RESP efficiently monitors respiratory flow and snore, oxygen saturation and heart rate, abdominal and thoracic breathing effort, and movement and body position.

It offers full level III and IV home sleep testing. SOMNOmedics is currently in the process of taking analysis and flexibility using the “SOMNOtouch RESP” one step further with the planned addition of three EXG channels. This option will be available soon and will allow the practitioner to provide level II home sleep testing as well.

In addition to the standard signals required for a home sleep test recording, the SOMNOtouch RESP is engineered with integrated actigraphy, ambient light, and patient marker sensors. Correlating the patient’s body position and movements with other events enables the practitioner to have a better detailed sleep/wake estimation, which leads to a more accurate diagnosis, the manufacturer says.

The device’s compact design allows for an easy application at home by the patient and a more comfortable sleep with minimal sleep disturbances. The intelligent technology makes it very intuitive and patient friendly, SOMNOmedics states. Every recording can be preprogrammed or started manually on the device, and with its high resolution touch screen, the signals can be checked directly on the screen during and after application.

“SOMNOmedics is focused on developing the technology of the future in the sleep medicine field so that our clients are able to adapt quickly to the continual changes in sleep diagnostics and therapy,” says Julia Sarmiento-Bovill, director of sales for the Americas, in a release. “Our ongoing commitment, as the leading European manufacturing company of sleep diagnostic equipment, is to bring to market gold standard products that are reliable, user friendly, comfortable, and cost effective for our practitioners and their patients. The SOMNOtouch RESP is the perfect example!”