TipTraQ, a fingertip wearable device for sleep apnea screening and sleep monitoring at home, has attained medical-grade performance validation from leading medical institutes in the United States, according to Taiwain-based PranaQ, the manufacturer of the device. 

According to a release from the company, the validation includes rigorous assessments of sleep monitoring accuracy, including sleep stages, respiratory metrics, and now blood oxygen saturation readings.

“PranaQ is excited to announce the successful validation of TipTraQ’s blood oxygen saturation readings. This validation underscores the device’s capability to provide accurate and trustworthy information crucial for monitoring respiratory health during sleep,” according to a release from the company. “This feature positions TipTraQ at the forefront of respiratory sleep monitoring technology, providing crucial information for medical conditions such as sleep apnea, nocturnal asthma, and COPD.

Using PPG sensors, TipTraQ collects respiratory and cardiac signals, analyses them using artificial intelligence algorithms, and enables remote diagnosis. TipTraQ can be used for long-term monitoring, reducing the impact of night-to-night variation of sleep quality and severity of breathing disturbances overnight.

PranaQ debuted TipTraQ at CES 2024.

The company says it is now working toward applying for US Food and Drug Administration clearance.

Photo caption: TipTraQ, a wearable device for sleep monitoring and sleep apnea diagnosis

Photo credit: PranaQ