Asheville, NC-Aeroflow Healthcare, a nationwide medical equipment (DME) provider, announced an expansion of sleep apnea treatment solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the addition of telemedicine services.

Aeroflow is contracting with Itamar Medical to increase patient access to home sleep testing using the WatchPAT ONE single use device for home sleep testing, allowing patients to manage their sleep apnea treatment and improve their health outcomes as patients and providers alike are asked to stay home to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Aeroflow will facilitate telehealth consultations with board-certified physicians for sleep data interpretations and diagnosis, while Aeroflow respiratory therapists will provide in-home and telehealth respiratory therapy set-ups.

“Implementing telehealth services enables our patients to get the highest quality care possible during a very difficult time,” says Michelle Worley, director of clinical operations at Aeroflow Healthcare’s Sleep division, in a release. “Patient care continues to be the top priority of our clinical staff, and this expansion allows them to continue serving patients uninterrupted.”

Eric Mongeau, national sales director at Aeroflow Healthcare’s Sleep division, says, “COVID-19 may impact patients’ access to critical medical services, but Aeroflow Healthcare is committed to helping them stay safe and healthy by remaining fully operational and providing telehealth sleep therapy services. Aeroflow Healthcare continuously looks for solutions to patients’ problems and ultimately improve health outcomes, and implementing this expansion of telehealth services helps us solve major issues that many patients are experiencing during these challenging times.”