Sleep Halo sleep metrics are based on Masimo’s continuous pulse oximetry measurements and AI technology.

Summary: Masimo’s new Sleep Halo feature, now available on the Masimo W1 Sport wearable, provides sleep analysis using continuous pulse oximetry and artificial intelligence. It tracks over 70,000 daily health data points, offering insights into sleep quality, including sleep stages, rest periods, and desaturation episodes. The results, visualized on the Masimo Health app, include a Sleep Halo score. This feature will also be available on future Masimo wearables like the Masimo Freedom Watch and Band. Existing W1 Sport users can update their firmware to access Sleep Halo.

Three Key Takeaways:

  1. Advanced Sleep Tracking: Sleep Halo uses continuous pulse oximetry and AI to offer detailed sleep analysis, including sleep stages, rest periods, and desaturation episodes.
  2. Comprehensive Data Collection: The feature tracks over 70,000 daily health data points, providing in-depth insights into an individual’s sleep quality.
  3. Firmware Updates Available: Existing Masimo W1 Sport users can update their devices to access Sleep Halo, and the feature will be included in future Masimo wearables.

Masimo’s Masimo W1 Sport advanced health tracking wearable is gaining a new feature: sleep analysis with Sleep Halo. 

Sleep Halo offers overnight sleep data tracking with 70,000-plus daily measurements of second-by-second continuous health data.

Sleep Halo uses continuous Masimo pulse oximetry and machine learning to provide insights into the quality of an individual’s sleep, including overall timing, duration of sleep stages, periods of rest and wakefulness, episodes of desaturation, and more. 

Visualizing Sleep Data

The nightly analysis, including a Sleep Halo score—an algorithmic calculation representing your overall sleep quality—is visualized on the companion Masimo Health smartphone app. The Sleep Halo score and sleep analysis will be featured in all future Masimo wearables, including the upcoming Masimo Freedom Watch and Band.

“We’re truly excited to launch Sleep Halo for Masimo W1 Sport…Masimo W1 is unique among wearables in being able to continuously measure the wearer’s SpO2 and PR—and that gives us an opportunity to provide a truly informed, robust analysis of how one sleeps,” says Joe Kiani, founder and CEO of Masimo, in a release. 

Masimo W1 is designed to provide sophisticated and insightful sleep analysis using technology based on Masimo SET, the primary pulse oximetry technology at all top 10 US hospitals as ranked in the 2024 Newsweek World’s Best Hospitals listing

Sleep Analysis Technology

“We benchmarked Sleep Halo with EEG to confirm its stages of sleep are comparable to sleep analysis. We hope that with this new scientifically based Sleep Halo, our customers can improve their sleep hygiene, which has been shown to improve life,” says Kiani in a release.

Existing Masimo W1 Sport owners will soon be able to update their watch firmware and Masimo Health app to begin their sleep-tracking journey. 

Also available is Masimo W1 Medical, a US Food and Drug Administration-cleared watch that provides continuous, real-time SpO2 and pulse rate with an indicator when measurements are outside of their normal ranges.

Masimo W1 Sport and Sleep Halo are for general health and wellness purposes.