AMD Global Telemedicine Inc (AMD) announces Clinical Assist, a lightweight telemedicine system designed for easy maneuverability in telemedicine applications.

Clinical Assist is a complete telemedicine system with a smaller footprint than AMD’s other telemedicine systems, making it effortless to transport from room to room in a hospital or clinic setting. Designed in conjunction with JACO Inc, the cart’s lightweight components are manufactured out of aircraft-grade aluminum and sealed with antimicrobial powder coat finish to survive years of use in a demanding healthcare environment. Clinical Assist is a modular system that can be integrated with telemedicine software technology and accommodates multiple medical devices.

“Healthcare organizations come to us with a full range of needs for a reliable telemedicine solution. They want a single telemedicine platform deployable on a range of mobile carts,” says Bruce Bond, North American director of AMD’s Telemedicine Program Design Group, in a release. “Our customers tell us Clinical Assist™ fits perfectly in our product line because it offers a mid-range option for a mobile cart in terms of price and functionality.”

AMD Global Telemedicine will be showcasing Clinical Assist at the American Telemedicine Association Conference in Baltimore on May 17-20, 2014.