Healthcare technology company biotricity inc has finalized the expansion of its long-term research partnership with the University of Calgary. The vision of this expanded partnership is to apply biotricity’s technology in a variety of areas that lend themselves to remote monitoring. Working with clinical leaders in a number of divisions via the Cummings School of Medicine Department of Anesthesia, biotricity will develop prototype remote monitoring mobile devices in a number of clinical settings, including peri-operative medicine, maternal/fetal medicine and acute, and chronic care medicine in order to facilitate the application of “smart” medical grade wearables to the hospital and out-patient settings, and drive the innovation and development into new and never before thought of areas.

“We are thrilled to expand on our already successful relationship with the University of Calgary,” says Waqaas Al-Siddiq, founder and CEO of biotricity, in a release. “Their participation is an important step in helping us realize our goal, which is to take what we learn from this research and align it with our investigation into predictability and artificial intelligence for the next generation of healthcare.”

Dr David Liepert, a clinical associate professor in the Department of Anesthesia and Peri-Operative Medicine, says: “Just as logistics and ‘on-time’ supply chain management revolutionized industry in the 90’s, clinicians are realizing that individualized ‘on-time/real-world’ care will revolutionize medicine, allowing us to reduce costs and improve outcomes simultaneously. This is particularly obvious in the growing field of peri-operative medicine, where interactive pre-operative optimization and on-going post-operative hospital and outpatient recovery monitoring, including activity, compliance, and physiology combined with early client-specific intervention are already demonstrating those benefits. We look forward to biotricity’s leadership and support as we coordinate clinical medicine and biomedical engineering to develop more efficient, effective, and timely solutions for client-specific care.”

Additionally, and in related news, biotricity founder and CEO Waqaas Al-Siddiq was also named an advisor to members of the University of Calgary’s School of Medical and Biomedical Engineering.

Liepert says, “We look forward to capitalizing on Mr Al-Siddiq’s recognized expertise in wearable biometric monitoring, connectivity, and data processing for both our University of Calgary’s Medical and Biomedical Engineering students through his advisory role under this expanded partnership.”

Biotricity’s goal is to develop a series of clinically accurate devices that are applicable in both clinical and home-based settings. The focus of this expanded partnership will be to investigate and to develop solutions for the fetal monitoring and sleep apnea markets, among others, while also executing our business plan to roll out bioflux for MCT and biolife as a premier life-enhancing consumer wearable, says Al-Siddiq.